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Re: [debian-user] kde3 widget themes gone

>--[Matias Hermanrud Fjeld]--<mhf@hex.no>

> After i rebooted my sid machine this morning, for the first time in one week, 
> all my kde3 widget themes were gone. Only the qt builtin ones are left. I 
> have not done anything special on my machine, just the usual apt-get upgrade. 
> btw, i switched to keramik and geramik from liquid.

I noticed something strange with the theme as well, however, I couldn't
pinpoint it. But since yesterday my konsole crashes at startup - and I can't
figure out which updated package caused this. I tried to downgrade
everything that was updated the last few days where I could find an older
package in my archive, however, that didn't help, either. Anyone any clue?

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