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Re: 2.5.50 on Woody

Dear Gary,

Gary Turner wrote:

<arief didn't attribute this level?>

Sorry, not quite clear of your meant here.

Given all the dangers alluded to, my curiosity is giving me fits.  Just
why do you need/want the 2.5.x kernel?  Why not the 2.4 or even the 2.2?
If you said, I missed it (my bad).

Simple, Just for fun. :-)

Actually, I just like to learn it.

Learning Linux Kernel is one of my next TODO in this lifetime :-) Of course you wouldn't mind that, will you?

Actually I can say this (but I wont):
I spot on kerneltrap.org people say that there's so much enhancements in this kernel series. Given that 2.4.x already give me good statistics, I like to know what's new.

So far, I've feel much fun, getting to know you guys, gets some nice advices, new experience, just corrected some minor typo in a few source files, and some trivial fix on few programming error, learn a couple of things in Documentations, know a little about using make-kpkg, etc...etc...

Best Regards,

I have this little wonder why is my other question on Callback Server didn't get any response...

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