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Re: acroread and anti-aliased text

Alan Shutko wrote:

>Brian Stults <bstults@soc.ufl.edu> writes:
>> I'm using gs 7.05.  Some examples of what I described are here:
>The problem is definitely that the fonts were converted to type 3
>(you can see by going to File->Document Properties->Fonts).
>Why this happened, I'm not sure.  It looks from the OO PS output that
>it's converting a TTF to Postscript, which is a bad move for
>converting to PDF.[...]
>Your best bet would be to avoid TTF fonts for now, until/unless OO
>gets better handling.

Not sure that's the only cause.  Documents created by LaTeX and
converted to PDF have the same problem.  They look great in gv and xpdf,
and look like crap in Acrobat (in Win).  The PDF docs print nicely from
either platform.

Is it perhaps more related to gs?  My ignorance of fonts is legendary,
so where do we go from here?

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