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Re: [OT] Fried motherboard

> 1.) Can the processor be damaged in the process of motherboard being fried
> (PIII processor)?

yes, depends how it was fried though. You gotta test it. note that
if you test a fried cpu in another board it may kill that board too.

> 2.) Can any cards (ie video card) or RAM be damaged in the process?

yes to all, as above.

> 3.) Since I am starting from scratch, what are your recommendations for
> the new motherboard ( I have over 350MB of RAM for PIII, would you move
> down P4 alley or...)?

I personally don't like the DDR ram and RDRAM. I prefer PC133 ram,
more compadible. It really depends on your needs. About a year and
a half ago I bought an athlon 1300 with a tyan motherboard, loaded
it with 768MB of PC133 ram and its worked well as my "fast" desktop.
For stability I reccomend server boards such as Intel L440GX+ and
supermicro boards(serverworks is a good chipset). I recently built
2 dual P3-450s on L440GX+'s since I like the boards and chips
so much. they run great.

> I learned my lesson-I need to use the safety switch in the future the hard
> way... I suppose these things can happen to anybody...

probably. I've never had a power supply die on me. maybe I'm lucky.
I've even plugged a power supply that was set to 110V into a 220V
circut, tripped a breaker,  but the power supply itself was fine(haven't
tried going the other way around).

> What are your experiences? With Christmas coming up I will finally have
> plenty of time to get this machine up and running.

the above is one :) I reccomend PC Power & Cooling power supplies,
they are really high quality though they are more expensive then
other brands. I use their TurboCool series(300ATX, 425ATX and 450ATX)
in half a dozen systems, and I have an ultra quiet in my P200. I
was getting ready to retire my P200 a couple years ago(as in throw
it away), then for kicks I got it a PC Power & Cooling AT/ATX case(AT
motherboard), Ultraquiet power supply(AT), 2 temperature sensor controlled
fans(also from PC Pow&Cool), and a Bay cool III(again PCP&C). Hooked
it all up, the system has an uptime of about 620 days now and I can
see it getting used for a few years to come. Only 64MB ram though
upgradable to 256MB PC100. PC Power & Cooling is also a great source
for CPU fans. I looked everywhere trying to find the right kind of
fan for one of my dual P2-450s, nobody that I could find had them.
Another time I looked everywhere for a PPRO cooling fan, and couldn't
find anyone that had them. Luckily when I got my 4 P3-450s I was able
to order them with fans.

My battery backup is primarily cyberpower based, which is a good
quality low cost UPS solution. I use their 900AVR series and 1500AVR
series. I also use a APC SmartUPS 1000RM as well. That old P200 is
on a dedicated Cyberpower 320, which has survived at least 2 trips
in my car with the system running..

I try not to buy from random sites on pricewatch unless its a last
resort. Hopefully theres some vendors out there you trust, one of
my longtime sources of OEM products is www.bunta.com. Good little
shop, I've visited their office on more then one occasion. Decent
prices, ok selection. For me I rather buy from someone I know then
find the cheapest price anyday.


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