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Re: 2.5.50 on Woody

Noah L. Meyerhans wrote:

2.5 is really not for newbies at all.  It is the development kernel
(i.e. unfinished, often broken, constantly changing) that will
eventually be released as Linux 2.6.  For now, though, you almost
definitely do not want it.

Dear Noah,

Thank you for kind explanation.
Now, suppose me still wants to get into it.
What will I need?

I learn from previous posts, I'll need newest modutils.
Then what else? I plan to stick on woody for a while, not wanting to upgrade to testing/unstable yet.

I have succeeded the compilation process (with many headache because there's so many errors :-), and somehow manage to install the modules (make-kpkg wont do this. Wonder why...), but when I reboot, It failed to get the modules, so I run with no keyboard, no mouse and no X.

But... wait a minute!
I think, I found something.
Is it possible?

I'll be back.
Thanks for the clue.

Best Regards,

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