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Re: [OT] latex, pdflatex and graphics formats

On  0, J?rg Johannes <liste_joerg@gmx.de> wrote:
> Hi everybody
> For my documents, I have to use both LaTeX and pdfLaTeX. The problem I 
> have is, pdflatex does not (at least per default) understand .eps and 
> .ps files. So I have to convert my .eps figures from gnuplot into .png 
> for pdflatex in order to use them. The other way round, "normal" LaTeX 
> does not understand the .png format, so any photos or scanned-in images 
> have to be converted into .ps. My question now is: Are there any 
> \usepackage{s} for making use of .ps in pdflatex and .png in LaTeX? 
> Anything  better than
> for i in *.eps; do convert $i `echo $i | sed s/.eps/.png/`
> ?

There is a script around called tex2pdf that I use that does it all
for you.  It converts your eps and ps docs to epdf and pdf and then
runs pdflatex for you, cleans things up and everything, even generates
bookmark lists from your table of contents.  Can't remember where I
found it, but I used google, so you can probable find it there too.

Tom Cook
Information Technology Services, The University of Adelaide

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