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Re: .xsession & wdm

On Fri, 2002-12-20 at 08:12, Tom wrote:
> > > The two files are chmodded to 644, and are owned by the respective
> > > users.
> >
> > And what are the permissions and ownership on each, as a first step?
> Is the above not the answer to that question? *even more confused*
> Both of the files are -rw-r--r--, and they are owned by the user and
> belong to the group called after the user.
It is when I've been out of bed more than ten minutes - sorry. Just
often the first problem I hear on such things. There are no stray
non-printing characters in the file, I presume. If you copy it to be
.xinitrc and do "startx -- :<first unused display>" from a console, does
it work for you? Would you remember which file was written first - yours
or the other one?

> For a while, I thought perhaps the fact that wdm offers a menu out
> of which the window manager can be chosen makes an .xsession file
> superfluous (if that's the correct word), but then why does it work
> with that one user?
> Greets,
> Tom
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