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Re: acroread and anti-aliased text

On Tuesday 10 Dec 2002 4:36 pm, Brian Stults wrote:
> Hello,
> When I generate pdf's and view them in acroread (5.0.5) the fonts are
> very fuzzy.  For example...  I create a file in OpenOffice using the
> Arial font which is anti-aliased.  I then print it to a postscript file.
>   If I view it through gv, it looks just as fuzzy at first, but then I
> choose to antialias it, and it looks great.  Then I convert it to a pdf
> using ps2pdf.  When I view it in gv, it still looks great.  When I view
> it in acroread, it looks very fuzzy.  Even when I view it in acroread
> under MS Windows, it looks very bad.

This problem is to do with openoffice's printer font replacement.

To fix it, run oopadmin, click on the properties buttin for your printer, and 
make sure you have "enable font replacement" turned on, and there should be 
about 8 replacements including "Arial -> Helvetica" and "Times New Roman -> 
Times". If you turn this off, your pdfs will be very poor quality under 
anything but ghostscript viewers (gv, ggv, kghostview etc).

Hope this helps


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