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about web link

Subject: Re: about web link

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 > Your previous message had <src img blah blah> if i remember right
 > This one had a missing =, and httpd instead of http.
 > simply put <img src="http://www.company2.com/photo.jpg";> and it will

 No , it does not work.  I put the small size, same size of what I save
 <table border=0 width="200"

 <tr><td><img src="http://www.linuxspice.com/case0.jpg"; width="96"
 height="64"> </a> </td></tr>
 on the http://www.finitesite.com/fsshl/
 's source html

 although you can directly access the photo from my site in either netscape
 or IE6'w URL

please help, please------

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