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Re: [OT] Best MP3 player used with Debian

Osamu Aoki said:
> Hi,
> I am thinking to buy a 64MN-128MB class small portable MP3 player and
> going to use it as a language leaning (tape) player.  What is the best
> portable MP3 player which can be used with a Debian system with USB?

not sure, I prefer the Diamond rio 300, Parallel-port based, rock solid
reliable. default of 32MB, though its easy to add a 32MB smart media
addon. I have 3 rios. Last time I bought 2 they were $60 each. it's
well supported in linux.

> I was checking Fry's (local gadget store) and their box said that some of
> the MP3 players act as hard disks to the host computer system.  Are all
> these USB capable MP3 players usable on Debian (Linux kernel 2.4) like
> this?  Is the existence of rio package means some of them need special
> command?

yes, at least the rio 300 has a special utility to upload/download files
to the device. I think the rio 500 is similar(USB based though).

> What is the best tool chains to convert sound information from CD to MP3
> on Debian (or Patent issue prevented Debian to distribute it? I do not see
> LAME.)

I personally prefer mp3make, which is not part of debian, because it's
easy to use, command line based, and interfaces with a few different encoders.
My encoder of choice is l3enc. It is VERY slow. but the quality is
outstanding. I encode my portable mp3s at 96kbps. Sometimes at 32kbps. I
remember a couple years ago when I last tried LAME, l3enc at 32kbps was
higher quality then LAME at 96kbps ..mp3make is available from freshmeat,
hasn't been updated in 4 years looks like, but still runs great ..

> I was thinking to use Samba share to get files from vender provided
> windows MP3 encoder software to be legitimate :) Do they include these in
> MP3 plater package?

what? I have no idea what you just said.


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