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Re: [OT] Best MP3 player used with Debian

On Sun, 2002-12-22 at 01:43, Osamu Aoki wrote:
> Hi,
> I am thinking to buy a 64MN-128MB class small portable MP3 player and
> going to use it as a language leaning (tape) player.  What is the best
> portable MP3 player which can be used with a Debian system with USB?
> I was checking Fry's (local gadget store) and their box said that some
> of the MP3 players act as hard disks to the host computer system.  Are
> all these USB capable MP3 players usable on Debian (Linux kernel 2.4)
> like this?  Is the existence of rio package means some of them need
> special command?

I know its outside your 64-128MB criteria, but I have been absolutely
thrilled with the performance of my Archos Jukebox. I have an old one,
it only has a 6GB hard drive, but I still have over 1100 songs plus
other data...The Archos, unlike the Nomad, uses a standard VFAT
filesystem, and standard USB, so it can be mounted as a hard drive, with
files manipulated as such.

In addition, there is an opensource firmware project that is extremely
active and responsive called RockBox! (http://rockbox.haxx.se). It was,
in fact, just announced that Archos is going to start including RockBox!
with their additional software CD. I would definitely recommend the
Archos. (I would avoid the one with the FM radio, since development of
that particular firmware has just begun in the past week.)

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