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Re: [OT] Remember when hard disk sizes were in MiB?

On Wed, 11 Dec 2002, Doug MacFarlane wrote:

> When PC DASD (Hard-Drives) hit $1/MB, I was in shock.  Now it's $1/GB.
> When PC RAM hit $1/MB I was really in shock.  Now you can get 1 GB or RAM
> for a little over $100 . . .
> I hate being old.
> madmac

I've got a 16 kb module for my ZX81 that cost somewhere around 500
dollars.  40+ dollars a K.

I understand now why my dad was so upset with me when i crazy glued it
trying to fix a crack on the casing, and ruined the contacts instead.

I hate being only 26. :)

ZX81 still works, not sure on the TS/1000.  One of my TI99/4A's appears to
have croaked, the other works fine.

MESS plays Mazogs just fine if I remember right.

I'm sure someone will chip in now about the cost of core ram. :D

Hey, if this was my stock ZX81, I ran out of ram long ago in this reply!

Guess there's not too many ZX's on the internet.


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