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Re: agpgart

This one time, at band camp, Dominic Iadicicco said:
> Can someone tell me where the agpgart mod is located in Debian, and if
> I don't have it, how I go about getting it.  I am trying to use X and
> I can't start it without it.  
> Thanks all.

Ordinarily, you can start X without it, but it's kind of slow.  Let's go
through some basics, I guess - are you running a Debian stock kernel, or
a self-compiled one?  If it's a Debian kernel, just try 'modprobe
agpgart' - should work if the module is there.  Write back if that
fails, and try to include specific error messages, your kernel version,
and maybe what's happening with X - it may be unrelated to the agpgart

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