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Re: ALSA module snd-detect missing (not found; but issue now moot)

>>>>> "c" == csj  <csj@mindgate.net> writes:

    c> At Thu, 19 Dec 2002 13:52:50 -0500,
    c> Joseph Barillari wrote:

    >> The alsaconf package in unstable uses a module called
    >> snd-detect to detect installed sound cards:

    c> [...]

    c> Just to be sure, what version of alsaconf are you talking about?
    c> The only one I could apt-get is alsaconf-0.4.3b, which is
    c> confirmed to be brain-damaged WRT the newer alsa 0.9 releases.

I mooted this problem by ditching ALSA: I read the Debian sound HOWTO
(http://www.tux.org/~tbr/sound-debian/), used isapnptools to configure
the card, and loaded the appropriate modules.

If anyone else has an IBM PC 300PL with a CS4235 (CS4235B, according
to a spec sheet I found), I've attached my isapnp.conf file. I used
modconf to configure the cs4232 module (kernel 2.4.19-686) with the
parameters "io=0x532 irq=5 dma=1 dma2=0", and added the users on the
system to the audio group so they could write to the audio
devices. All seems well. (Translation: I can play mp3s. I have yet to
make /dev/sequencer work -- maybe it's a hardware problem; maybe it's
a configuration error. Either way, MIDI isn't a priority for me.)


# For details of this file format, see isapnp.conf(5)
# LD n = Logical device, ie write to reg 7
# IO n = IO descriptor n
# BASE n = IO/Mem address
# INT n = Interrupt req n
# IRQ n = Interrupt level
# MODE = line levels etc
# ACT = Activate

#(READPORT 0x3bb)
#(CONFIGURE DFX0000/1493 (LD 0 (IO 0 (BASE 0x3e8)) (INT 0 (IRQ 12 (MODE +E))) (ACT Y)))
#(CONFIGURE DFX0000/1493 (LD 0 (REG 7 (PEEK)) (REG 0x30 (PEEK))))
#(CONFIGURE DFX0000/1493 (LD 1 (REG 7 (PEEK)) (REG 0x30 (PEEK))))
# Try to force logical device 2 (which doesn't exist)...
#(CONFIGURE DFX0000/1493 (LD 1 (REG 7 (POKE 2) (PEEK)) (REG 0x30 (PEEK))))
# .. hence this gives an error
#(CONFIGURE DFX0000/1493 (LD 2 (REG 7 (PEEK)) (REG 0x30 (PEEK))))

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