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Re: .xsession & wdm

> I had all manner of other information and test to suggest, until I
> looked at the file again. I bet you and the other account have different
> .bashrc files, and your top line is confusing things for you rather than
> the other user. You aren't doing anything in the .xsession itself that
> should require declaring the bash shell for interpretting the file,
> partly because .xsession isn't actually an executable. You are probably
> setting some environment variables via .bashrc by doing this, but you
> may also be doing something in yours that is mucking up the
> interpretation of the rest of the file.
> Lose #!/bin/bash and place anything you do feel you need to declare into
> .xsession, and see if that helps.

The two .bashrc-files are almost identical; some environment
variables differ, but that's it. And anyway, losing the
#!/bin/bash-line doesn't help either... 

Thanks anyway...

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