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Re: ALSA module snd-detect missing

>>>>> "c" == csj  <csj@mindgate.net> writes:

    c> At Thu, 19 Dec 2002 13:52:50 -0500,
    c> Joseph Barillari wrote:

    >> The alsaconf package in unstable uses a module called
    >> snd-detect to detect installed sound cards:

    c> [...]

    c> Just to be sure, what version of alsaconf are you talking about?
    c> The only one I could apt-get is alsaconf-0.4.3b, which is
    c> confirmed to be brain-damaged WRT the newer alsa 0.9 releases.

Same version you mentioned:

blue:/home/joe/jdb# dpkg -l alsaconf|grep alsa 
ii  alsaconf       0.4.3b-4       ALSA configurator

Do you know if snd-detect has been renamed?


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