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Re: [OT] spam advice

Hugh Saunders said:
> hello,
> at the bottom of many spam-type emails there is a get out clause or
> something to remove my name from the database. Surely clicking on this
> link/sending an email to the adress specified simply verifies that your
> address is valid?
> Is it adviseable to attempt to use these measures to be removed from
> lists? or just keep on writing filitering rules?

I strongly reccomend to never EVER EVER EVER respond in ANY way to
a spammer. don't click on any links don't send any email. Unless you
know who is spamming you(e.g. your bank or some site you do business
with which you can trust to actually remove your address). Some spammers
are good about removing, but really there are so many out there
trying to unsubscribe is futile, your email address may be on a
hundred different CDs being sold by different people.

But whats worse is some spammers take the recipt of an email that you
actually read it, and thats a valid email address so they sign you
up to a hundred more lists. Unfortunately its probably impossible
to determine which evil spammers do this and which do not. So I reccomend
not taking the chance.

if you do want to send email to a spammer, e.g. a flame or something
then mask your email address in a way that they won't be able to
spam you back(I haven't tried this, too much effort).

fighting spam is much easier when you run your own mail server, I
started hosting my mail on my own server back in 1997 and can't imagine
using email that is controlled by some other person/company now.

most spammers don't read their email I think, I mean I've had spammers
send mail to servers I run over and over, to addresses that *NEVER*
existed that bounce as user unknown and they keep sending it(that is
the same IP is connecting, sometimes 2,000 times per week).


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