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Re: 2.5.50 on Woody

arief_mulya wrote:

><arief didn't attribute this level?>


>> Development kernels *do* have bugs which can wipe out all of your data
>> in a second...or trash your BIOS / HD / whatnot all-together. Thats why
>> they are called "unstable". (yes i'm very serious) 
>Thank you for your kind reminder,
>Today I'm backing up my data and downloading newest 
>kernel-source(2.5.52) and modutils. I'll try to see what 
>will happen tonight.


Given all the dangers alluded to, my curiosity is giving me fits.  Just
why do you need/want the 2.5.x kernel?  Why not the 2.4 or even the 2.2?
If you said, I missed it (my bad).

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