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Re: acroread and anti-aliased text

Alan Shutko wrote:

>Gary Turner <kk5st@sbcglobal.net> writes:
>> Not sure that's the only cause.  Documents created by LaTeX and
>> converted to PDF have the same problem. 
>True, but the problem with (naively created) TeX documents is that
>dvips traditionally puts bitmapped fonts into its ps files (as PS Type
>3 fonts).

Certainly a naif here.  What is the more sophisticated approach?

> That causes a double problem, as Acroread can't display
>Type 3 fonts as well as Type 1, and it certainly doesn't like

It sure doesn't like something ;)

>(This shouldn't be a problem nowadays, since Type 1
>versions of the Computer Modern fonts have been included with TeX
>distributions for a while.)

How do I get these fonts and/or how do I get TeX to use them instead of
type 3/bitmap?



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