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Re: Apache-ssl .htaccess files

On Mon, 30 Dec 2002, Jacob S. wrote:

> Howdy List,
> I keep thinking this is a simple problem and ought to have a simple fix,
> but all I'm succeeding at doing is pulling out my hair. 
> I'm trying to require logins to a certain directory on my webserver
> using .htaccess files. I've got the following in the .htaccess file in
> the directory needing to be password protected:
> <Directory>
Is that a copy-n-paste error?  I think so since Apache probably wouldn't
restart without a path there.

You also can't use Directory inside an .htaccess.  Doesn't make sense.

> AuthType Basic
> AuthName "Conlaw login"
> AuthUserFile /usr/lib/apache-ssl/passwd/passwdfile
> Require valid-user
> </Directory>
> I also tried it w/o the <Directory> tags, but it didn't seem to affect
> anything. 

Then maybe it's not reading the .htaccess file.

Try the same config in httpd.conf (but with the <directory /foo> tags).

If that works then make sure you have AllowOverride for that directory.
You can always use strace and run httpd -X and see if it's reading
.htaccess at all (I doubt it because it would give an error otherwise).

Bill Moseley moseley@hank.org

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