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(fwd) Re: samba: cannot auto umount CD-ROM

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Subject: Re: samba: cannot auto umount CD-ROM
Date: 21 Dec 2002 13:12:35 GMT
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Dai Yuwen <yuwen@micetek.com.cn> wrote:
> Auto mount is OK.  Every time a Windows user clicks the `cdrom' directory, 
> `/cdrom' will be mounted.  But it seems that `postexec' is not executed 
> after the user had closed the whole connection to the samba server?  To 
> eject the cd-rom, I have  to kill the samba process that uses /cdrom.  Very 
> inconvenient.  Any solutions?
> samba: 2.2.3a-12 on Woody

See: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=134222
     * #134222: samba: postexec doesn't work
       Package: samba; Reported by: mmirek@zind.ikem.pwr.wroc.pl; 308 days old.

As I know 2.0.xx and 2.999+3.0xxx have usable postexec :(


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