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Re: [OT] Fried motherboard

On Tue, 10 Dec 2002, Rich Puhek wrote:

> > probably. I've never had a power supply die on me. maybe I'm lucky.
> > I've even plugged a power supply that was set to 110V into a 220V
> > circut, tripped a breaker,  but the power supply itself was fine(haven't
> > tried going the other way around).
> >
> I've done that (220V setting on a supply, plugged into a 110V outlet).
> Just acted like a dead supply.

I worked on an old XT or 286 system at the high school back in about '93,
machine would boot up to the end of the POST, and then hang.  Took a few
minutes to notice that the switch was set to 220.  After that, first thing
I'd look for on a school system that was being fixed, was the voltage


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