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Re: 2.4.18 to 2.4.19/20 locks up

I thought this was getting taken care of when I go into make menuconfig and then exit, but I tried it anyway.

It worked long enough for me to download the latest sid updates, and then froze during the middle of the install process. I had top going the whole time. CPU% was low, Memory usage was low... However, my hard drive light is always on when it freezes. Maybe something to do with the ide chipset config in the kernel?

Anyway, I switched back to 2.4.18. Everytime this happens, I go through dhcp hell, and everyone on my home network starts yelling.

I wouldn't even worry about upgrading except that I keep hoping that maybe a dri fix for my rage128 card will appear.

Charles Lewis

iain d broadfoot wrote:

after copying the old config file, do a
make oldconfig

this will ask all new options, and write a new .config that will work



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