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Re: (newbie) hostname, workgroup

On Tue, 2002-12-17 at 01:29, Marvin Vek wrote:
> debian installed nice, i can resolve it's ip in the network too, just not it's hostname niobe.

  The resolution hostname -> IP can be done via a hosts file, viaDNS or
via Samba

  hosts file : if you are working with unix systems, you can add the
hostname <-> ip for all hosts on your networks in EVERY host.  You have
to have the same copy of /etc/hosts on every computer.  There is an
equivalent for windows, but I dont remember where (search for a file
named "hosts" in C:\Windows).

  DNS : you have to set up a DNS server for your internal network, which
is probably a bitdifficult if you are a newbie.

  Samba : that is the Microsoft way of doing things.  When you ask for
where to put the workgroup, you are probably refering to Samba.  So the
place is /etc/samba/smb.conf.  You can edit this file via debconf
(dpkg-reconfigure samba) or via SWAT (open "http://localhost:901"; in
your browser).  Samba shouldtake care of the name resolution.  It is not
very efficient, but it's easy to setup and works for small networks.

> and where and how can i set the workgroup it has to be in?

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