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Re: 2.5.50 on Woody

On 16 Dec 02 09:20:37 GMT, arief_mulya <arief@bna.telkomsel.co.id> wrote:

> 1. This newbie install woody.
> 2. This newbie download linux-2.5.50.tar.gz

Bleeding edge. Warning Will Robinson!

> 3. This newbie untar it and compile it with make-kpkg
> 4. This newbie get Install succeed but need manual hack

It would help if you gave more details about this.

> 5. This newbie restart and try the new kernel
> 6. This newbie gets lots of modules dependency error

Did you by any chance select the --initrd option to make-kpkg? If you
are trying to create an initrd kernel from pristine sources with
make-kpkg, you are in for a world of pain, trust me.

Frank Copeland
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