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Re: [OT] spam advice

On Thu, 5 Dec 2002 23:02:53 +0000
hugh@wacka.mjr.org (Hugh Saunders) wrote:

I tried this with one of my old email accounts for about a month.

Around one forth of the links did not work, of the ones that did the
mail kept comming.

In addition I got new mail from the companies, so I had to get a new
email address.

So do not email them., just filter and practice sane email habbits like
having multiple email accounts.

> hello,
> at the bottom of many spam-type emails there is a get out clause or
> something to remove my name from the database. Surely clicking on this
> link/sending an email to the adress specified simply verifies that
> your address is valid?
> Is it adviseable to attempt to use these measures to be removed from
> lists? or just keep on writing filitering rules?
> thanks, 
> hugh
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