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Re: Agghh! hostname in Woody install

On Thu, 2002-12-19 at 20:49, Bob Proulx wrote:
> Something tells me that you replied to me personally instead of
> keeping the discussion on the list.  A breach of etiquette.  Please
> reply to the list.

My apologies.  I wasn't paying attention.

> Bret Comstock Waldow <bwaldow@compuserve.com> [2002-12-19 17:53:21 -0500]:
> > On Thu, 2002-12-19 at 13:10, Bob Proulx wrote:
> > 
> > > Good for a completely offline update.  But if you have a high speed
> > > available then really you only need CD 1 to bootstrap you online.
> > 
> > I'm concerned about connecting to the net without a firewall or an
> > intrusion alarm system (e.g. tripwire) working.  I'm behind a NAT router
> > on a cable modem - is this enough security with the new install tools?
> Anything that does NAT makes a great firewall.  If you are behind a
> NAT router then you are in pretty good shape.  It is really a NAT
> router or just a cable modem?

We have a cable modem, and then a Belkin 4 port Router behind it.

> > There is no /etc/hostname file.
> Well, that will certainly do it.  But I don't know how the install
> allowed you to get through it without asking you for a hostname.  The
> default in the script is "debian" and you have to backspace over it
> and fill it in with something else.

It did ask, I did backspace, and it didn't write anything apparently.

> So what happens when you fill in /etc/hostname with your hostname?
> Bob

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