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Re: .xsession & wdm

On Fri, 2002-12-20 at 09:41, Tom wrote:
> > I had all manner of other information and test to suggest, until I
> > looked at the file again. I bet you and the other account have different
> > .bashrc files, and your top line is confusing things for you rather than
> > the other user. You aren't doing anything in the .xsession itself that
> > should require declaring the bash shell for interpretting the file,
> > partly because .xsession isn't actually an executable. You are probably
> > setting some environment variables via .bashrc by doing this, but you
> > may also be doing something in yours that is mucking up the
> > interpretation of the rest of the file.
> > 
> > Lose #!/bin/bash and place anything you do feel you need to declare into
> > .xsession, and see if that helps.
> The two .bashrc-files are almost identical; some environment
> variables differ, but that's it. And anyway, losing the
> #!/bin/bash-line doesn't help either... 
> Thanks anyway...
> Tom
> -- 
> "Alles stimmt, gilt, nimmt teil und bildet
> eine Vollzaehligkeit, in der nichts fehlt."

Okay - only other thoughts kicking around are:

1) Delete and recreate from scratch with your favourite editor the
.xsession file, in case somehow there is a stray non-printing character
that is mucking up wdm in the handoff.

2) Make sure that there isn't anything like .Xsession or .xSession that
for some weird reason wdm chooses to look at and then forget about
.xsession - .Xsession in xdm is treated as an alternate startup script,
but maybe wdm reverses them.

3) Try putting an:

echo "Hi Mom"

after the #!/bin/bash line, or if that is gone now, as your top line.
Hopefully, that will appear in you .xsession-errors file.

Beyond that, I don't have wdm installed here, so I can't see for certain
just what order of processing and logic it is pursuing. Sorry.
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