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RE: [SLUG] Problems configuring woody for cable

Good point. I had a NetGear 10-100 PCI Ethernet Card FA310TX from
EverythingLinux installed hoping at some stage in the future to network
my cabled machine with one other but have not got around to it. 
When the techie saw it he plugged the cable into it and it immediately
worked on the XP drive which is all he was concerned with. 

www.paradise.net.nz is an ISP run by TelstraClear, formed from a merger
of Telstra NZ and Clear Communications, but essentially the
(loss-making) Telstra operation in NZ. Over here, it is in the position
of taking on a monopolist and has to be more aggressive and
entrepreneurial and has succeeded in taking on the mantle of the "good
guys". Their Xmas offer waived installation fees, but technically their
operation should be similar to Telstra. 

It does not officially support Linux ...

At the moment I am just trying to get Woody working with cable; a
gateway might be considered later. I'm not sure if the machine had a
pre-existing network card - it is the standard setup and since XP is
configured for networking that may be the case.

Adam Bogacki

adam@bogacki.net  [forwarding]

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do you have 2 network cards here?
are you trying to make a gateway or just a standalone machine on cable?


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> Seems strange that your cable provider would assign you an address in
> 192.168- range.  Does Paradise cable use DHCP to assign the address?
> so, try making sure that either pump or dhcpd are installed, and
> out all the existing eth0 stuff and put the following into
> /etc/network/interfaces:
> auto eth0
> iface eth0 dhcp

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