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Re: APM / PCMCIA conflict.

This one time, at band camp, Tom Allison said:
> I have an orinoco gold pcmcia wireless LAN card.
> works fine.
> But I can't suspend the notebook, or hibernate.
> If I pull the card, the apm related operations are just fine.
> apm -s works with the card in place.
> apm -S doesn't work in either case.
> but the keyboard buttons for standby/hibernate don't work if the 
> card is in place.
> Any suggestions on where to begin?
> reportbug->apmd ???

You could if you want, but try closing the lid - does it suspend with
the card in?  If not, then it's below the level of userspace programs
like apmd, and is likely either a kernel-level or hardware-level issue.
I have this problem with PCMCIA cards in my laptop, and I have heard
that this is a 'known issue' that people are working on.  I have just
resigned myself to it for now.

Sorry to not be more help.
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