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Re: agpgart

> Can someone tell me where the agpgart mod is located in Debian, and if
> I don't have it, how I go about getting it.  I am trying to use X and
> I can't start it without it.
> Thanks all.

I noticed that my kernel has it installed in the kernel instead of by module. 
I was just looking for the module myself and looked in the .config for the
kernel and saw this.  I've recompiled my kernel a few times, but I'm sure that
I did not put that in - I just found out what it was!!  LOL.

If you have not compiled the kernel and don't have the source, I think you
might find a config file in /boot.  There was one for my kernel on another
install I did of Debian.  I think it was just called config-2.xx-whatever.  If
you look at that, do a search on AGP and you may see it configured as Y rather
than m. If it is Y, then there would be no module - the support is already in
the kernel without loading it.  That may even be the default setting.

Just an idea.


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