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Re: about web link

eric said:
> Dear apache httpd user:
>   Can I put a <img src "httpd://www.company2.com/photo.jpg"   DEFANGED_code DEFANGED_in DEFANGED_the
> webpage source of comapny1, so when we visit company1's site , we can see
> that photo without hit mouse bottom?  Especially company 2 's website was
> broadcast  by apache.

you can put

<img src="http://www.company2.com/photo.jpg";>

assuming the site does not restrict referrers. e.g. take this
site for example:


try doing a link to any of those images from any other site will
fail(should fail).

most porn sites restrict such referrers to prevent people from riding
on their bandwidth. Though I hear its easy to spoof referrers, never
looked into it myself.


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