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Re: [OT] Apache behind Linksys Cable Router

deFreese, Barry wrote:

> Anyway, I pulled down Apache and PHP4 last night and all went well.  I can
> get to the default page no problem from the machines on my home LAN:
>  This morning I configured the Linksys cable router to forward
> port 80 traffic to the Apache machine and I get nothing.  I was thinking it
> could be a hosts.allow issue but the traffic should look like its coming
> from the internal interface on the cable router (i.e.  I'm
> sure it's something simple and I'll beat myself after the fact, but has
> anyone set this up?

Yes, I have apache running behind a Linksys DSL/cable router with port
80 forwarded. Incoming traffic does NOT have the router as its source
address. The router is your internet gateway, not a proxy.


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