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Re: 2.5.50 kernel compilation problem

On Tue, 2002-12-03 at 09:53, Miguel Griffa wrote:
> Derrick 'dman' Hudson wrote:
> >On Tue, Dec 03, 2002 at 11:01:26AM -0300, Miguel Griffa wrote:
> >| Hi all
> >| I've been trying to compile the 2.5.50 kernel and after _many_ 
> >| configuration changes (to make it comilable) I've arrived to an error 
> >| which I have no clue about.
> >
> >If you're not a C/kernel developer then don't try development
> >
> I am a C developer, which is in fact what allowed me to solve syntactic 
> compilation problems. My main problem now is semantic, not an unresolved 
> symbol or some compiler error, but something dealing with 
> configuration(?), or else.
> >releases.  The 2.5.x kernels aren't guaranteed to work or even
> >compile.  Use 2.4.20 instead.
> >
> I want to use 2.5 becase it is faster and I want to try the incorporated 
> alsa support.
> I do have the right to test the kernel without being a kernel developer, 
> don't I?
> do I have the right to ask support to the list for this?

I'd say that you have the opportunity to ask for help from this list,
but it may not be the best choice as this isn't really a forum
extensively populated with C programmers ardently familiar with the
details of the 2.5 series Linux kernel, particularly the details of
where 2.5.50 has reached relative to other versions. I would even
suggest that possibly under half a dozen people on this list have *ever*
written kernel code in the past couple of kernel development cycles.

That said, in spite of the kernel edition number having reached *50*, it
is still a pre-Alpha kernel, just having had its feature freeze, but
where those features are not yet actually fully implemented, let alone
internally debugged or debugged against other functions of the kernel or
the broader o/s. It may also be that some of these features *just won't
work* in the long run, and won't be part of the eventual release kernel.
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