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Re: <img src='my web address/photo.jpg'> not work

Gerald V. Livingston II wrote:

>eric lin said:
>> but my html.index of C:\apach2\htdocs\ or /var/www/index.html
>>    Actually in the start apache2 in dos mode, I get some error or
>> warning
>Go away. Find a good HTML tutor page. Play with it 'til it works.

Hah!  Fat chance.
>Or go find an Apache related list and see how long they tolerate you.

Nooooo Pleeze

>Not only are you not discussing Debian -- you are now discussing
>running apache on OS's other than Linux.
>And all because you can't get your COMMERCIAL ADVERTISING site to work
>the way you want. Advertising that you sell PC's with PROGENY
>pre-installed. I'd be really inclined to trust those machines since
>you don't seem to have yet learned how to read documentation (or take
>a hint).

I already replied to some of his queries on the Apache list;  including
this rant which will surely do no good:

<from Apache users>

"eric wrote:

"<snip a whole bunch of stuff without proper attribution>


"I'd like to help you.  Zac would like to help you.  Any number of other
folks would like to help you.  So, why don't you get with the program?

"You've gone on about your CGIs not working.  It's been because your
Perl scripts and your HTML are faulty.  There have been several folk
point out errors which you have ignored.  I sent you a simple, straight
forward, and tested to be working Perl script along with the HTML to
call it from.  There is no indication that you even tried them.  If you
had, the source of your error would have been more nearly pinpointed.
Instead, you fixate on some side issue with no bearing on the stated

"It was pointed out to you that RTF is not an appropriate format for
this mail list.  You replied to that by resending the file in RTF
format.  I certainly didn't look at the file.  I don't normally have WP
or OOo fired up, and I won't run MSWord (I just read somewhere that Word
has passed Outlook/Outlook Express as the number one vector for dumbass
Windows viruses).

"I sent you a reference URL on how to properly quote and cite in mail
lists and newsgroups.  Your methodology continues to be all over the

"I gave you the URL for an article on how to best seek help from the
lists, and how to include the necessary information to obtain
intelligent, clueful response.  I have no doubt that you never looked.

"You have constantly broken your own threads by either posting a reply
and changing the subject, or by posting a new message rather than a
reply.  Hell, this reply is to just such a post.

"I have yet to see where you have responded to anyone who has tried to
help you by indicating that you have applied anything they recommended.

"You have not given any indication that you have read the effing manual,
other than to come up with some side issue that doesn't matter.

"For some reason, even though it seems you are running XP, I see you
cross posting to the Debian Linux list.  Cross posting sucks bad enough,
but an Apache on Windows question to a Linux list?

"Eric, you're giving me tired head."

</from Apache users>

Good luck and all that.
gt                  kk5st@sbcglobal.net
 If someone tells you---
 "I have a sense of humor, but that's not funny." 
                                  ---they don't.

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