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Alpha installation


I have the debian-30r0-alpha-binary Cd set
I also have the JumpStart-1.4.1 CD

When I try to boot to either cd using 'boot dqb0 -flags 0,0'
I get "unknown compression method" and it goes to the aboot prompt.

When I try to boot to either cd using 'boot dqb0 -flags 0'
it seems to start reading from the cd, but halts after about 40 seconds, 
the screen changes color, and the last line written to the screen is:  
SMC37c669 Super I/O Controller found @ 0x370

When I tried to create boot floppies from the Debian set, (on a linux system
using dd) 
I get a smaller block count on the floppy than is on the cd for root.bin and
and they don't work anyway.  (I'd prefer to boot from CD, though.)

Can someone please help?

A. R. Ocasio
Electronics Engineer
Ph:  (505) 679-1666
DSN:  349-1666
Fax:  (505) 679-2344

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