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(SOLVED) Re: woody and X on a Sun UltraSparc 1 Creator

Gerald V. Livingston II said:

> OK, got woody installed OK but I can't seem to figure out which video
> to use when trying to set up X. Has anyone else set up woody and X-4
> on an UltraSparc 1 Creator? Any tips appreciated.
> No mail access on the machine yet so copies of errors from startx will
> be difficult. If noone replies with a magical solution I'll get
> ssh/mutt working on the box so I can reach the IMAP box on my home
> machine (accessing now via squirrelmail on another box).
> Thanks

I found the problem. Using sunffb but debconf had also selected dri
for loading. sunfb didn't appreciate that. Removed the dri module line
and all works well.



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