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Re: Alpha installation

On Wed, Dec 18, 2002 at 10:40:18AM -0700, Ocasio Anthony R Civ 746 TS/TGGIG wrote:
> When I try to boot to either cd using 'boot dqb0 -flags 0'
> it seems to start reading from the cd, but halts after about 40 seconds, 
> the screen changes color, and the last line written to the screen is:  
> SMC37c669 Super I/O Controller found @ 0x370

It is possible that the system is actually booting at this point, but
sending the boot messages to a (nonexistant?) serial console.  But maybe

> When I tried to create boot floppies from the Debian set, (on a linux
> system using dd) I get a smaller block count on the floppy than is on
> the cd for root.bin and rescue.bin and they don't work anyway.  (I'd
> prefer to boot from CD, though.)

What block counts did you get?  Were the floppes "DOS" formatted?

I can't help you much, but debian-alpha@lists.debian.org may be able


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