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Re: [robertsharris@comcast.net: Re: Fw: Ga. Visit.]

"Robert L. Harris" <Robert.L.Harris@rdlg.net> writes:

>   Ok, I'll give him your phone number to call when he has questions and
> can't understand why the background on his mailer changed colors.  He's
> 65 and has just learned windows in the last 2 years, uses his computer
> just to send email every other day so he's oh so motivated to learn
> something new every day instead of going out on the boat fishing or what
> not down in his Fla retirement village.

   FWIW, I switched my mother over to evolution form Win32/OE and she
seems to be handling it pretty well. From this end, it is absolutely
wonderful because I can rlogin to her box and fix things up for her.
She's about that same age, too.


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