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Re: "formatting" / mounting file systems

This one time, at band camp, Joris Huizer said:
> Hi everybody,
> I've got yet another serious problem I found today:
> I've been using redhat 8.0 before installing debian
> woody. In redhat 8.0 I had the following partitions
> for linux:
> /dev/hdb1 is root "/"
> /dev/hdb2 is swap
> /dev/hdb3 is /boot
> [ /dev/hdb4 is extended part.]
> /dev/hdb5 is /home
> /dev/hdb6 is /usr
> I kind of thought the debian system would use those as
> I replaced the old root partition with the new root
> system. I must say that was probably a silly idea (I'm
> not exactly used to managing system stuff)
> However, because none of the filesystems are
> "formatted" or, so-called "initialised", they contain
> redhat 8.0 stuff and can't just be mounted without any
> actions to make sure everything will go fine. I want
> to have /dev/hdb5 available especially as it contains
> all my files (though I've got a backup)
> I found I can edit on /etc/fstab but when I do it
> messes a lot..

What error messages are you seeing?  That would help quite a bit. 

Well, without knowing more of your situation, I'm going to make some
guesses about it.  It sounds like you are installing Debian, and that you
are working with a hard drive that used to contain a Redhat
installation.  During the Debian install, there is an option to
partition the disk and mount the partitions at various points.  Choose
to mount /dev/hdb5 at /home (mount a previously initialized linux
partition is the option, IIRC) and then proceed with normal
initialization for the rest.

> One more related question: I've got a file to read
> "zip-discs" (discs which work kind of like floppies
> but can contain either 100 MB or 250 MB). On redhat
> 8.0 I could mount them just like floppies (or cdroms)
> but on debian it isn't automatically detected

If it's USB like mine, modprobe usb_storage (IIRC) and then it should be
accessable as a SCSI disk, at /dev/sda4, I think - try mounting that
once the modules are loaded (you'll see recognition of the device in
syslog), and then put an entry in fstab to allow mounting - you can copy
the floppy entry (just remember to change the device name and mount

> Please help !

Hope that does.

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