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Re: about web link

not work by direct static ip as url either on <img src="http://***>.

but hyperlink with http://www.mycompany.com/photo.jpg work, every from othersite (from www.finitesite.com -- it is a free webhosting site)

do not know why, hope experienced webmaster give me more hints

highly apprecaite

Vineet Kumar wrote:
* eric (fsshl@centurytel.net) [021221 18:54]:

<table border=0 width="200"

<tr><td><img src="http://www.linuxspice.com/case0.jpg"; width="96"
height="64"> </a> </td></tr>

This is WAY off topic.
/* it will help many newcomer too not just me */

  Here's your fish for the day:

<table class="rightsidebar>
      <img src=""; width="96" height="64">

Sincere Eric
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