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Re: Apache config

Mikael Jirari said:

> I'd like to know how to use this.
> For example I'd like to access horde2 with https://myserver/horde2 How can
> I do ?

are you running apache-ssl or apache with mod_ssl? is the configuration
you posted what your using? it seems like it should work, if it doesn't
then post whats in the logs at the time you try to access it. be sure
to restart apache between configuration changes(apachectl restart or
apache-sslctl restart depending on which apache your using)

> Although symbolic links work I'm not sure good in terms of security, am I
> right ?

Not usually a good idea to allow symlinks no, it would be safer if you
used the SymLinkIfOwnerMatch directive, which allows symlinks as long
as they point to a file that is owned by the same user as the link


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