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Re: after recent update, upgrade, in unstable, boot deadlock in pppd

On Thu, Dec 12, 2002 at 12:51:29AM -0700, eric wrote:
> Dear Linuxer or/and httpd of apache users:
>   After recent update upgrade, using unstable, after I reboot, it is
> deadlock in pppd link
> in my 2.4.20 kernel, it also dead lock in 2.2.18 after
> detect ? usb.......

'dead lock'?  That term has a very special meaning in computer science,
which I'm pretty sure doesn't apply.  Could you post details of what is
actually happening, along with relevant config files and log excerpts?

>   Also what may cause other side can not access my documentation root's file
> , for example
> img src= http://www.mycompany.com/somephoto.jpg
>   it show no picture when I review that page with above link

I'm assuming you've actually specified that link correctly, using '<' and
'>'.  And quoted the attribute value.  And removed the space.  Is the
photo in /var/www/ or wherever you actually pointed DOCROOT to?  Is it
readable by www-data (not writable!)?


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