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Re: [robertsharris@comcast.net: Re: Fw: Ga. Visit.]

Thus spake Brian Nelson (nelson@bignachos.com):

> http://kmself.home.netcom.com/Rants/gpg-signed-mail.html
> Tell your father to stop using OE, or any other MS mailer.  They're all
> broken and should never be used by anyone for any purpose.  Unless, of
> course, you want to demonstrate how piss-poor MS software can be.

  Ok, I'll give him your phone number to call when he has questions and
can't understand why the background on his mailer changed colors.  He's
65 and has just learned windows in the last 2 years, uses his computer
just to send email every other day so he's oh so motivated to learn
something new every day instead of going out on the boat fishing or what
not down in his Fla retirement village.

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