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Re: acroread and anti-aliased text

martin f krafft wrote:

>also sprach Gary Turner <kk5st@sbcglobal.net> [2002.12.10.2351 +0100]:
>> Not sure that's the only cause.  Documents created by LaTeX and
>> converted to PDF have the same problem.  They look great in gv and xpdf,
>> and look like crap in Acrobat (in Win).  The PDF docs print nicely from
>> either platform.
>you can do something like
>  \usepackage{times}

Danke.  I got an error: File 'times.sty' not found.  So, I went to
ctan.org and got the file.  Where does it go?  I tried
/usr/share/tex/latex/base/, but that didn't work.  I'm afraid I don't
know enough about LaTeX to go beyond appliance user without guidance.
gt                  kk5st@sbcglobal.net
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