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Re: /etc/dhcpc/dhcpcd-eth0.exe

 expert@bapat.net (Expert User) wrote:

>When the dhcpclient used to be dhcpcd, there was a way to run some
>script after the dhcp has run by putting a script in /etc/dhcpc/dhcpcd-eth0.exe.
>Now that I have dhclient, how do I achieve the same result?
>I learned from the man page that there is /etc/dhclient-exit-hooks
>script I can create, but how to associate it with a perticular
>I need this to run my Dynamic DNS update script, everytime my IP

I use ddts (http://www.ddts.org/) and there's a debian package
that polls the central server every minute and update the ip
when it polls. So when i install that client i only need to
open the appropriate port and my ip is updated every minute.
Your DNS service might (and probably does) have such a script
to do this.
Why not run it every x minute(s) instead of only when the ip changes?
It doesn't take a lot of bandwidth or cpu time to do so.
You can probably make a cron job out of it too.


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