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Re: about web link

Vineet Kumar wrote:
* eric (fsshl@centurytel.net) [021221 18:54]:

<table border=0 width="200"

<tr><td><img src="http://www.linuxspice.com/case0.jpg"; width="96"
height="64"> </a> </td></tr>

This is WAY off topic.  Here's your fish for the day:

<table class="rightsidebar>
      <img src=""; width="96" height="64">

you are right, last email I remember I did type as what you suggest, but today I check the page source from kconquer, it have a www. before that static ip, so I took off that www, then it show my photo.
Thanks a lot, please forget last wrong message.

/* but if I use www.myregistereddomain.com instead of staticip, it still not work, some in the mailing list told me may be binding have problem. when I register domain, that registar also do binding for me. so I wonder that is the problem, that is I should do binding by myself in linux box. any advice? */


You had a mysterious closing </a> tag for which there was no opening <a>
tag.  This wasn't your main problem, though.  The URL you were trying to
reference in your img tag was no good (404 Not Found).  From looking at
http://www.linuxspice.com I guess you intended to use the URL given
above.  If you want an example of how to reference an image with an
absolute URL, just look at the source of
http://www.linuxspice.com/index.html, since all of their images appear
to be coming from, and are all specified with absolute

Here's how to fish for the future:


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good times,

Sincere Eric
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