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Re: apm

On Tue, Dec 17, 2002 at 10:14:36PM +1300, Richard Hector wrote:
> On Tue, 2002-12-17 at 19:13, Pigeon wrote:
> > And don't forget that the power isn't REALLY turned off, and you
> > therefore have to switch it off at the wall. Or you could do what I
> > did, and take the PSU apart to wire in the double-pole switch in the
> > mains input which the stupid manufacturers should have put in to start
> > with.
> Presumably that would work using a momentary pushbutton in parallel with
> a relay powered from a drive connector, so you can power it off by
> software - not on though, of course.

No problem, I should think. Remember to use a double-pole mains-rated

You'd have to make sure "auto wake on power on" (or similar) is
enabled in the BIOS setup. Some machines do this by default and some
don't. And some, like mine, think they can do it but it doesn't work,
so to make it nicely automatic you'd have to use a 3-pole pushbutton
with the third set of contacts across the existing "power on" button.
(Because of this, my double-pole switch is a television type, with an
auxiliary set of momentary contacts, connected across the existing
"power on" button.)

You could also have a second relay powered from the bell circuit of
the phone line - or sonically triggered from an actual bell to avoid
upsetting the telco - to do "wake on modem".


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