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Re: 783/tcp hp-alarm-mgr


that little routine will prove to be very valuable for me! Thats exactly what's missing from my feeble attempts to figure things out and how they are related to deb-packages :-)

Thanks again!

- Niclas

(PS - it seems spamassasins' spamd is the culprit for that strange port -DS)

At 09:56 2002-12-02, you wrote:
Niclas Söderlund said:
> Hi,
> checked my machine with nmap and came up with the following:

> What is the hp-alarm-mgr entry? And equally strange for me is the rndc
> from  the bind9-package, why its it listening on a port, and how/can I
> remove it.


fuser -n <proto> <port>

to determine which process is using which port, from there you
can use something like dpkg -S /path/to/program to find out which
package it belongs to


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