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Re: [robertsharris@comcast.net: Re: Fw: Ga. Visit.]

Great, you can support him.  He only pokes things and gets curious to
break it once every week or so as it is.  Throw in something new and it
should only be a call every week and a half for about 2hrs each as you
try to figure out what he changed and talk him through undoing it or
re-installing it.

He has learned this, it does what he wants and the guys at CompUSA tell
him there's nothing wrong with it.  If you can convince him to change
more power to you.  I've been trying to get him for 2 years now.  I
finally got him to BELIEVE that windows isn't the only gui out there
after 4 years.

Yes Outlook sucks harder than a hoover but it works for him, when he
gets a virus I can tell him "I warned you" and when he spreads that to
his friends I can repeat myself.  However it works for everyone he
exchanges email with EXCEPT me.  As a result that looks to him like my
Unix based email is broken, NOT his, and it only started happening when
I started signing my email.  You wanna try and convince him, feel free.
I'm personally closer to just blacklisting his emails and telling him to
call me when he wants to chat.

Thus spake Brian Nelson (nelson@bignachos.com):

> Ehem.  Mail-Copies-To: never.  Doesn't mutt respect that header?
> "Robert L. Harris" <Robert.L.Harris@rdlg.net> writes:
> > Thus spake Brian Nelson (nelson@bignachos.com):
> >
> >> http://kmself.home.netcom.com/Rants/gpg-signed-mail.html
> >> 
> >> Tell your father to stop using OE, or any other MS mailer.  They're all
> >> broken and should never be used by anyone for any purpose.  Unless, of
> >> course, you want to demonstrate how piss-poor MS software can be.
> >> 
> >   Ok, I'll give him your phone number to call when he has questions and
> > can't understand why the background on his mailer changed colors.  He's
> > 65 and has just learned windows in the last 2 years, uses his computer
> > just to send email every other day so he's oh so motivated to learn
> > something new every day instead of going out on the boat fishing or what
> > not down in his Fla retirement village.
> Just because he uses windows doesn't mean he has to use quite possibly
> the worst piece of software *ever* written.  There's a few relatively
> sane email clients available for windows.  If he refuses to learn to use
> a new mailer, then he can live with opening signed mails as attachments,
> break virtually every rule of email netiquette, risk getting/spreading
> viruses, etc.  I won't lose any sleep over it.
> -- 
> Curse my natural showmanship!

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